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hi matcha babes!

ever since I was little I spent time in Japan to be with my family, to learn from only the best. matcha + sweets were my favorite part of Japan. it took cooking on the line in CA, writing a few books, paying off culinary school on my own, and opening my small business in NYC + CA to get to know my craft, myself and my life’s calling: it is to share my heritage (and cookies!) with you. I am a messenger.

with one purchase (or like 10) you’re supporting our independent small businesses, women in commerce, and your fave podcast, wabi sabi. with every purchase I hope you can smile a little bigger because you’re contributing to good things in this world. PS yes my matcha beauty powder is coming, soon, it’s in development for you! remember, good things take time.

instagram us your best matcha shoppe pics!

@candicekumai @thematchashoppe + we will repost!