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BUNDLE: The Matcha Masterclass + The Matcha Cleanse

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Exclusively $29.95 for BOTH digital downloads: The Matcha Cleanse + Matcha Masterclass


Become the ultimate matcha maven


1- The Matcha Cleanse

Give me two weeks and I’ll change your life: Welcome to the #MatchaCleanse


This cleanse isn’t a diet, it’s two incredibly sexy + feel good weeks of cleaning things up from the inside out. Most important, this cleanse isn’t just about what you’re eating, but how you’re nourishing your entire being.


The Matcha Cleanse is gentle and flex!  Establish a practical and easy foundation for healthy living, with room for happy hours, business dinners, and super hot dates.


This Cleanse will do wonders for your body composition and total health. You’ll feel light, tight, and juuuust right.




2- Matcha Masterclass 
The Practical Guide to All Things Matcha 


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When I started researching for my latest book and incorporating the rituals into my daily life, I discovered matcha's real super-powers. As a drink, a supplement, and a “secret” ingredient to baked goods, I discovered a whole new host of matcha benefits. Like …

  • I kicked my obsessive coffee habit – easily, and without the painful withdrawal. Buh-bye, jitters!
  • My workouts improved.
  • I sailed through flu season without the sniffles.
  • I adopted a new a.m. ritual that makes me feel connected and grounded.
  • Matcha Cake. Oh, and Matcha Cookies. ... and more secrets when you order!


Discover the magic with #MatchaMasterclass!


Whether you’re buying this guide as a total newb, or you’re a matcha maven, it’s my goal to share with you ancient, revered matcha know-how that have been passed down over generations, and the upgraded tricks and delicious, easy recipes I’ve developed as a wellness coach and professionally trained chef.


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The #MatchaCleanse + #MatchaMasterclass


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