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The Matcha Cleanse

The Matcha Cleanse



Give me two weeks and I’ll change your life: Welcome to the #MatchaCleanse


This cleanse isn’t a diet, its two incredibly sexy + feel good weeks of cleaning things up from the inside out. This Cleanse will do wonders for your body composition. You’ll feel light, tight, and juuuust right

This cleanse is gentle and flex! -- if you’re feeling good --you can use it as a foundation for healthy living, with room for happy hours, business dinners, and super hot dates.


Splurged on a vacay and need to get back on the wagon? Feeling like a blob in sweatpants after the holiday, and need to tighten up? Been there! And ummm, I love sweatpants! -- but seriously... When I’m preparing for a photo shoot, I follow my matcha cleanse, and cut the treats (I know it’s hard, but so is life)... Give me two weeks!? You got this, hot stuff.

Most important, this cleanse isn’t just about what you’re eating, but how you’re nourishing your entire being.


I'm a classically trained chef, who paid her way through culinary school by modeling tinyyy bikinis.. yes, its true. I found a balance with my lifestyle + became one of the top wellness writers/journalists and authors in my field and internationally... while simultaneously keeping my modeling//media gig's and my waistline tight... I'm finally sharing all of my secrets with you... Welcome The Matcha Cleanse.


My hope for you is that you’ll gift yourself two weeks to reflect on the habits that are supporting your goals, and cut the ones that aren’t. Eating well and moving regularly will help you. We all need a reminder now and again to simply, slow down, and honor our real needs.
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