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better than coffee. candice kumai, the golden girl of wellness, brings matcha back in her new line of exclusive matcha products, what the japanese call the "elixir for the immortals."

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the golden girl of matcha and wellness

Candice Kumai is a professionally-trained chef + 6x New York Times best-selling author. She is a leading authority on Japanese food, wellness, culture & matcha.

Candice is of Japanese descent, currently serving as an advisor who sits on the board of the largest Japanese green tea purveyor in the world, between Japan and the US. She is one of the pioneers in sharing matcha with the world. Her latest book, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit, launched in 2018 & is being published in ten different countries/languages.

Candice was introduced to matcha by her Great Aunt Takuko, Baachan (Grandma) and her Japanese mother, who passed down their family recipes, matcha & cooking tools. Candice’s grandmother and great aunt both studied “sen-ke ryū” (千家), or “tea ceremony” under a tea master in Kyūshū, Japan.

Candice has traveled to Japan since she was five, and has most recently been working directly with her family and the organic matcha farmers/ purveyors throughout Japan. She is currently developing a series with NHK World in Tokyo, Japan and in NY, NY. 

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hi matcha babes!

ever since I was little I spent time in Japan to be with my family, to learn from only the best. matcha + sweets were my favorite part of Japan. it took cooking on the line in CA, writing a few books, paying off culinary school on my own, and opening my small business in NYC + CA to get to know my craft, myself and my life’s calling: it is to share my heritage (and cookies!) with you. I am a messenger.

with one purchase (or like 10) you’re supporting our independent small businesses, women in commerce, and your fave podcast, wabi sabi. with every purchase I hope you can smile a little bigger because you’re contributing to good things in this world. PS yes my matcha beauty powder is coming, soon, it’s in development for you! remember, good things take time.

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